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Antiques or things with sentimental value from Audrey's past are especially dear to her.Audrey Tautou may also cling rather tightly to money and possessions, keeping them "in the family" rather than sharing freely with those outside of her immediate circle.And yet there is something about that breakthrough character, the wide-eyed, gamine do-gooder Amélie Poulain, amid one of the most seductive renditions of Paris in cinema, which captured her country's imagination and held it.She was also the face of Chanel No 5 for a spell, and portrayed Coco Chanel on screen.It was a bit like keeping a lid on a volcano."Tautou was also in Cannes a year ago, when had its premiere; though sadly she was without Miller, a protégé of Truffaut and one of France's leading directors, who had died of cancer shortly after completing the film."It was obvious during the shoot that he was ill, because every morning he had to have radiotherapy," she recalls.

I think the revolt inside her – the contradiction of hating this bourgeois life yet having to live it – is so powerful that to hold it back she needs a very thick mask.

Her response to it is to reveal no opinion or feeling that doesn't pertain to her films.

She is gracefully evasive on such reasonable topics as the recent furore in France over film stars' wages ("I don't want to add oil to the fire") and fashion, despite her Chanel duties ("I'm not a specialist").

Inwardly, Audrey Tautou is often torn with indecision and is much more at odds with herself than others would ever guess based on her flawless disposition.

She is likely to be a great collector of things - a real pack rat in fact - for her belongings give Audrey Tautou a sense of security and continuity with the past, which is important to her.

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What scared me, though, was that I would not be able to show her ugly side, her jealousy, her desire for vengeance." She needn't have worried.

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