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We have fewer members than the dating services because there are fewer completely committed practicing single Catholics out there, and they are attracted to our concentrated, focused community of Catholics like themselves.

And we work hard to make sure certain persons do not join; namely, those who are not eligible for sacramental marriage, who have a contraceptive mentality, or who are not serious about marriage.

But most of these sites don't take the responsibility to care for the inclinations that individuals will have as they use a singles site.

There are great advantages to using the Internet to find the right person, but most sites fall short of taking advantage of the opportunity.

Q: How do you attempt to maintain the personalistic aspect of relationships?

Buono: We ask members to write a lot about themselves and we encourage letter writing, not just chitchatting.

How have these issues changed since, say, their parents' generation?

ZENIT, May 3, 2004 Many Catholic singles would turn to Internet dating as a last resort. The Catholic online singles service should be their first stop to find a spouse, insists the group's president, Anthony Buono.These sites turn into meat markets and places for idle conversation and activity.True Catholic "dating" is about being marriage-minded.Our service differs from a typical dating service because we bring up a lot of core issues that are important in building good, strong, healthy families.It's not just about the personal needs of one person who seeks another. And our service is only interested in getting a person married, not just being single and finding other singles.

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