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The Minoans specialized in the production of olive oil, honey, wine, lumber and other agricultural products, but Crete lacked the metals necessary to produce weapons or tools.

Because of this, the Minoans traded these products for ore.

Using island size and resources to simulate the routes followed by ancient traders, Carl Knappett, Ray Rivers, and Tim Evans have constructed a computer model that attempts to reconstruct the economic position of Thera in Aegean maritime networks.

The Minoans obtained tin via Akrotiri from the northern Aegean; Thera may have been an important mediator in that trade.

The overlap in the carbon and dendrochronological dates proposed by these studies appears to confirm a date for the eruption of Thera between 1650-1600 BCE and to uncouple that event decisively from the collapse of the Minoan palaces ca. The VEI does not differentiate between ejecta—gas, ash, rock, lava—but rather gives a general impression of a volcanic event, allowing scholars to compare and categorize volcanic activity across time.

The VEI ranking of a prehistoric eruption is determined through geologic evidence, such as the size of the eruption’s caldera or the spread of volcanic tephra.

The Cycladic islanders adopted Minoan palace styles in ritual art and practices, including perhaps a distinctively Minoan type of “conical cup” made on the potter’s wheel and used for pouring libations.

The use of these distinctive cups spread throughout the islands along with Minoan-style masonry, lustral basins, and figural frescoes.

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