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But it is not accurate to speak of Date Parts as “Discrete Dates”. You’ll select date parts or values as needed and change them to discrete or continuous at will. Joshua Milligan is a three-time Tableau Zen Master.

You can switch a Date Part between Discrete and Continuous. His passion is training, mentoring, and helping people gain insights and make decisions based on their data through data visualization using Tableau.

What other tool has its own built-in date dimension? (That’s not to say there isn’t room for improvement) But it isn’t dates or using dates in Tableau that drives me nuts. It’s the way people have been taught to think of dates in Tableau. Consider the following: Here’s what I think when I see that: To say dimensions are discrete and measures are continuous is a simplification. Consider this view: Not only can I see the number of habitable planets for the Klingons, Romulans, and Federation, but I can also quickly see a count of Neutral Zone Violations as headers in front of the bars. And just like almost any field, we can use it in the view as a dimension or a measure.

What other tool allows you to connect to a data source with dates and have a built-in hierarchy where you can move different parts of the hierarchy around in the view? Here’s the issue: in an attempt to keep things simple in explanation, accuracy was sacrificed. It might appear to be helpful, but really lays a poor foundation of understanding that will limit people from moving forward. When you right-click a date field in the view in Tableau, or use the drop-down you’ll get a menu like this: Now admittedly, this is a long list and it might be intimidating at first. There’s: We’ll skip the standard options and merely mention, for now, that Show Missing Values is simply a way of telling Tableau to include missing dates in a visualization so you can see gaps in time where there is no data.

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Joshua served as technical reviewer on several Tableau titles and is the author of the book Learning Tableau. …at least not if you take some time to understand and use careful, precise terminology. And with that, you’re on your way to becoming a Tableau Jedi. I made it discrete using the drop down menu on the field: If I didn’t know I could use a measure as a discrete field in the view, then I might have moved the continuous field all over the place, searching for the perfect view (but never finding it): So, let’s keep it simple.Sales on November 8, 1980 are included in the bar above. This is because when you select a Date Part for a date field, the default is a discrete (blue) field. Because you will no longer get frustrated and wonder why dates are so hard and confusing. And you will be able to generate some really cool views and impress your friends and co-workers.

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