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This question has been hotly debated for over a century, especially now with the recent interest in the last Ice Age.

These polished stones would have looked remarkably beautiful under clear water.

Although the Laurentide ice sheet, which still existed to the north, may have kept the summers cool, it may also have blocked arctic air masses from extending into the Midwest during winter.[So there was a warming trend and a thickening of forestation between 15,000 to 13,000 years ago.

According to some, this environment may have driven Mammoth and other large fauna out of their cool grazing lands reducing their numbers into sparsely populated small herds in this region.

The presence of spruce suggests cool summers, whereas the deciduous trees imply relatively warm winters.

Thus, the climate may have been more equable than it is now.

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It is thought they brought Clovis point technology (earlier, similar points were found in France) and genetic diversity (such as red hair and large noses) to Native Americans.

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