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Danny Trejo didn't get his start the way most actors do.

Neuk afspraak in de buurt Op vrouwen in de buurt vindt je een overzicht van alle plaatsen in Nederland.

Je vindt daarbij de beste seksdating netwerken die populair en succesvol zijn voor mannen om neuk afspraakjes mee te regel Doe mee en vecht tegen spam!!!

Yeah (laughs), you know, when it comes to squats—man, the powerlifters are going to hate me for saying this—but squats are not the best thing for an older body. What did a typical prison workout look like for you?

Leg presses are ok, but the squats are really tough on your back when you reach a certain age. We'd get to go to the yard and work with the weights—but my workout was mostly calisthenic because I was a boxer. But as you get older the knees can't take it as much so you have to change things around. Right now I'm out walking a rescued pit bull named "Miss Piggy" who's about 18 inches tall but weighs 90 pounds—completely obese.

Your Dreamdate Bij Your Dreamdate vind je elk contact wat je zoekt of dit nu voor relatie, vriendschap of een erotisch afspraakje is, het is bij ons allemaal mogelijk.

Well, for movies, it's mostly bench press, inclines, biceps and triceps. No one's going to be looking at your calves, right?

How did you make the shift in your life to get out of prison and into a productive life? I thought, every time I've been arrested there was alcohol and drugs involved. " For 0 I thought they wanted me to kick some guy's ass. But he said to me, 'No, no, no, this actor is really high strung. He's already socked a couple of people.' Eric was real high strung in those days.

I decided that I would have to take drugs and alcohol out of my life if I wanted to get out of there. So I said, 'Eddie, for 0 you can give him a stick! For the first few years of my acting career I never had a name (laughs). You hear so many people saying, 'I'm so tired' but all they have to do is get up in the morning and take a walk. Those pipes start getting clogged up, so you've got to pump that blood.

Here, the star of the much-anticipated How often do you train these days?

I try to get to the gym three times a week, but when you're always on the move sometimes you have to do a little penitentiary workout — pushups, triceps, doing dips on the toilet and biceps on the sink and stuff.

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