Nick carter dating kathy griffin

I’m hoping on learning In the Mood, Artie Shaw’s Frenesi, and many more.

I’ve heard about the kid who joined you guys on stage , and let me say you would not believe what I would do to be in that person’s shoes. I’m Jacob , 15 sophomore in high school and I attended the concert on Thursday 6/22/2017 in San Jose .

Glenn Miller has inspired him to learn the trombone and he has developed a real passion for music.

Both of us had a wonderful time and your talents are off the charts. I went with friends to the recent Concert in Newcastle NSW on 24th Sept 2017, thought the band was great however, the concert was lacking something.

I attended the WW2 ball in Boulder CO featuring the GMO.

The thing that impressed me the most was the energy and 150% effort that Nick gave.

Can you email me her name and does she have any recordings available? He is forgetful at times but remembers every word to the songs.

Thank you also for educating and inspiring our interest in the wonderful music of an incredible era.

You folks though of songs that I knew, and some I didn’t.

My grandfather showed me The Glenn Miller Story with James Stewart made in 1954. Miller’s compositions and arrangements and I hope to learn more.

The highlights for me were Maria’s emotional and lyrical “Body and Soul”, “Mission to Moscow” which really cooked but still swung at that fast tempo and when Nick dedicated “In the Mood” to the veteran of Normandy who was celebrating his 100th birthday.

Real class on the band’s part and the standing ovation for the gentleman was tear jerking.

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From what I have seen y’all are amazing and I can’t wait to hear more from the Orchestra.

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