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I felt that I was truly at the centre of things and that I was exciting both of you beyond measure." "The reason I bring all this up is that I have an offer to make to you.

It's an unusual offer and if any of what I say offends you or upsets you, just stop me and I'll say no more." "I'm all ears." "Tom may be more put off than you, now that I think of it. "But what do they have to do, these attractive young women?

[click to continue…] We both know your little dick is way too small to give me any pleasure so from now if you want a little loving you’re going to have to pay for pussy.

They can participate in a full gangbang if they wish." 'Let me get this straight. And all the money goes to the young lady as a kind of tip." "Ten or twelve men, at two hundred a pop, maybe more? And it's usually a very interesting and fun evening. One evening he set up this weird shower that poured down into a huge bowl or bath tub" "What's so weird about that? He concocted this huge amount of white slimy liquid that looked like semen. "Fuck, this guy must be loaded," was Tanya's only comment.

A girl could suck and fuck as many as twelve men if she wished? He was on a rigged platform above the bowl, and while the girl writhed around naked under him he used a kind of funnel to pour down thick ropes of fake sperm all over her." "Holy fuck! I mean I love the whole idea of being the center of attention of all those men. Fuck, it must be an amazing experience." "I'm glad you think so. The guy in question was a gray-haired older man who welcomed us himself at the door and was as warm and charming as could be.

It’s like Pavlov’s dog, cock makes a sissy’s knees buckle and mouth water.

[...] For years, I’ve been embarrassed to go out in public with my husband.

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