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For better or worse, Dallas is now pegged as a place where the “Charity World” matters (major side-eye to you, Bravo).Although it can sound a little ridiculous and pretentious on reality TV, rolling up your sleeves for a good cause is a great way to meet new people, and chances are, they'll have a few good qualities you'd want in a S/O.Added bonus: a lot of these are beer leagues, so have a couple of drinks and impress your new teammates with your sick kickball skills.Still get a little nervous to talk to that attractive guy or gal at the bar?

Everyone loves happy hour with your girls, or guys' night out, but approaching large groups of friends can be a little intimidating.

Not to mention, wearing a backpack, Wu-Tang T-shirt and a scrunchie is a great conversation starter for the non-crawlers.

Themed or not, there are frequent bar crawl events that roll through Dallas, and we highly encourage you sign up for the next one!

While your favorite 'hoods are your favorites for a reason, you could be missing out on a whole crop of new places and faces.

Avoid the whole “You, again” issue and try a different coffee shop, like Magnolias Sous le Pont, or stop by a different grocery store -- you may be pleasantly surprised by who you run into.

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