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Je crois que ces chiffres vont bientôt se stabiliser et n'iront pas en augmentant.» Tout n'est pas payé Le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) rembourse les frais liés à la vaginoplastie (création d'un sexe féminin) ou à la phalloplastie (création d'un sexe masculin).

Les transsexuels passent à travers un processus qui prend environ un an avant de subir l'intervention finale.

"Will we grant them (exemptions) for everyone for all reasons?

The answer is no." Lyne Deschamps of the Quebec Federation of Parents Committees — which represents all French-school parent committees and one English one — lauded the initiative, which they have been requesting for three years.

Ayas said he understands the government's objectives but that the teachings are not from a Catholic perspective.

"This is not a judgment on other people's values but, for us, sex is done within the context of marriage," he said.

Le nombre de patients ayant subi une transformation est passé de 16 en 2009-2010 à 169 en 2013-2014.

«Il y a eu une demande qui semble excessive, mais il y a des gens qui attendaient depuis 40 ans, puisque ce n'était pas accessible, estime M Godbout.

Agrandir Le nombre de patients ayant subi un changement de sexe est passé de 16 en 2009-2010 à 169 en 2013-2014."What we are for is our sexual education and not the state's sexual education." The courses next September will be mandatory for about one million students and the information will be taught during regular subjects such as French or mathematics.The information the students receive will be based on their age and will deal with sexuality, anatomy, body image, sexual assault, love, sexual relations, stereotypes and sexually transmitted infections.Raymond Ayas, a member of the Quebec Catholic Parents' Association and a father of three, said a spiritual component to the discussion is missing."The association believes that sexual education is very important — we're not against sexual education," he said in an interview.

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