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Its derivative, the line spread function, would be a delta function, and the Fourier transform (the MTF) is a flat frequency response.The three image pairs below compare Imatest Log Frequency (first-principles sine wave) calculations with slanted-edge calculations for three cases: unblurred, Blur more (moderately blurred), and Gaussian Blur with R = 2 (strongly blurred).The contrast is then reduced to about 10:1 (pixel levels between about 22 and 220) and versions of the image rotated by multiples of 90 degrees (which does not affect sharpness) are inserted into the final image.Details of the operations depend on the image editor selected.) is derived from slanted-edges by an abstract mathematical process, which is described in the ISO 12233 standard.

Although the sine pattern and slanted-edge methods have very different algorithms, they are mathematically equivalent.As such, it is a measure of related to perceived image sharpness in a print or display.SQF and Acutance measure perceived sharpness as a function of print or display height and viewing distance using formulas that include MTF, assumptions about viewing distance (often proportional to the square root of the print height, but other options are available) and the human visual system (the human eye’s Contrast Sensitivity Function.These files all start with the same image, but one is an unblurred original and the others are blurred to various degrees by an image editor program.The blurring is uniform throughout the image (unlike most consumer digital cameras, which have nonuniform processing: sharpening (high frequency boots) near edges; noise reduction (lowpass filtering) in their absence). Both the sine and slanted edges in the test pattern were created digitally.

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